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How long has Tower Optical been in business?
2010 is our 77th year.  Throughout the years Tower Optical has set the standard for viewing equipment and service.  We are continuously striving to produce attractive, reliable, easy-to-use viewers while maintaining a classic look that is nationally recognized.

What is your product called?
We refer to our product as a binocular viewer.  The public recognizes it as an American Icon and calls it by a variety of names: viewfinder, view master, viewing scope, outdoor viewer, tower viewer, scenic viewer, coin operated binocular, free use viewer, ADA
Whatever name you choose, you can depend on the unsurpassed quality of our product.

What sets Tower Optical apart?
Tower Optical does not sell its binocular viewers.   Our business is based on manufacturing the best quality viewer on the market and backing it with service, replacement parts and maintenance all at no charge to our clients.

What power is the binocular in your binocular viewer?
We use a 10x42 manual-focus binocular with fully multi-coated lenses and high quality BaK-4 prisms.  This means the image appears 10 times closer than seen with the unaided human eye.  A wide field of view (318 feet @ 1,000 yards) allows you to easily locate an object for up-close viewing.  We have found that this binocular is most convenient for the general public to use.  It produces a sharp, stable, well-defined image and allows the user to manually adjust the focus to meet individual needs.

Is the binocular fully enclosed within the binocular viewer?
Yes.  The binocular is one of the most expensive components of our binocular viewer.  We protect it by enclosing it with tamper-resistant glass or Plexiglas.  If left unprotected, the direct exposure to the elements would result in dirt, moisture and other environmental contaminants penetrating the binocular and costly replacement would be necessary.

What is the advantage of a mechanical mechanism?
Our 100% mechanical mechanisms are built to endure prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.  Since heat, cold, salt air and rain all have an adverse effect on battery life and electrical components, dead batteries and malfunctioning electrical parts often render our competitors’ viewers inoperable.

What surface types do you fasten your binocular viewer into?
Tower Optical binocular viewers can be fastened into virtually any solid surface.  Installation hardware for concrete or wood decking is provided and custom-made brackets are available to provide ease of installation in a wide range of settings.

How many coins does your binocular viewer hold?
Our binocular viewer holds ±2,000 quarters.  We recommend timely collection so that the viewer does not fill to capacity.

Does the binocular viewer head rotate 360º?
Yes, Since the binocular and mechanism are housed in the "head" or top portion of the viewer, rotation is not restricted. A full range of viewing opportunities are available.

How long will it take for delivery?
Our binocular viewers ship within two weeks of our receipt of a signed contract.  We ship by truck unless otherwise requested.

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